Run Alexis

There's nothing here, but thanks for stopping by!

This is just here to give you something to look at when you come to this page. I didn't want you to see nothing or an error. You didn't deserve that. I mean, you did come here expecting to see something didn't you? Well, here you go. A cute little logo, a nice background photo, and a couple of words. All of this should let you know I was thinking about you and your needs. I know, I do try.

I was going to copy the other paragraph here too, but I decided against that. I talk a lot, I can add something different in this area. So, since this page is about running, I'll tell you this: I love to run! I've had this page for a long time though and can't remember why I started it. It's never been designed though, until now. Sort of, if you call this designed. lol For the longest, I only had a really nice picture that popped up when you came to visit. So now, there's an actual design and some words. Oh yeah, and my cute little logo. I do really like it. I think it's cute and unprofessional. And I'm okay with that. Have a great day! If you read all of this filler, thank you!

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